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The Hearing Eye provides a great opportunity to highlight the nuances and strengths of interdisciplinary work. Curator Sébastien Cliche has created a platform for artists and musicians to dialogue and consider their own perspectives and artistic practices to ultimately communicate a synthesis that is neither specific or restricted, nor dominated by either of the other art form. In this way, the space between disciplines establishes a new set of rules.  

The Hearing Eye
Sébastien Cliche

AUThor - curator / Sébastien Cliche (in collaboration with the artistes)
artists / 
Alfonso Arzápalo, Gwenaël Bélanger, Patrice Duhamel, Nelson Henricks, Caroline Lathan-Steifel, Nelly-Ève Rajotte, uniform
publisher / cENTRE CLARK
TYPE of PUBLICATION / exhibition catalogue
DATE published / 2007
LANGUagES / english, french
soft cover / colour images
audio cd included

14.5 X 18 CM
ISBN 987-2-9808076-2-6