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    Chika Matsuda

CLARK is proud to be the host residency partner for Japanese artist Chika Matsuda. This partnership stems from a residency exchange agreement that was concluded between the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) and the Tokyo Art and Space (TOKAS) in Japan.


Born in 1983, in Japan. Graduated and received her BA from Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand in 2006. MFA from University of Arizona, U.S.A. in 2010. Matsuda has been invited to several artist residencies, including Process-Space Art Festival (Bulgaria), Border Art Residency (U.S.A.), Prairie Center of the Arts (U.S.A.), Agora Winter Residency (Germany), Homesession (Spain). In 2015, she started working as part of the inter-disciplinary collaborative team Earless Mouth / Mouse. The team incorporates software programing and technology with Art, and their work has been awarded a judge’s prize at Gifu Land of Clear Waters Art Festival Art Award IN THE CUBE 2017 in Japan.

Artist Statement

"Perception and experience are influenced by language, cultural context and histories. We are not trained to see things without intellectual and social filters. My art practice is to question and to draw attention to things that we often take for granted, in order to be aware of those filters.  

I work with sculpture, installation, and sometimes video and performance. In my work I am interested in the use of utilitarian objects, gestures and images that have social connotations, expectations and purposes. I make changes to them in the way that denies these purposes, expectations and connotations. Its process is similar to a play on words. Take a word or a sentence and change its grammatical or alphabetical order to create a different word or sentence. The new word or sentence may be more poetic, disturbing, funny, and so on, than its original, yet one will also notice that these elements were already imbedded in the original. Art practice to me is a way to grasp the world, by re-constructing with my own words what has been constructed by someone else’s words.

Now, I am rediscovering Japanese culture after spending about 10 years in English speaking countries. I am observing language influence in personality and behavior, and this is part of how we experience our human body on Earth. Yet there is a lager factor which is the unconscious choices we have made in the process of evolution according to our environment. It seems impossible to think without language, but by destroying our ordinary thinking pattern, we can possibly make a space to experience and perceive the world without filters."

- Chika Matsuda




APRIL 1ST - JUNE 30, 2018

(5445 DE GASPÉ, #609)