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Pierre Bourgault, NNNEEESSSSSOOONN au 47ème parallèle – Catalogue
Cynthia Girard, Le Soleil et l’Électron – Recueille de poésie
Alain Paiement, THE WORLD AS I FOUND IT – Livre d’artiste

> Pierre Bourgault, NNNEEESSSSSOOONN au 47ème parallèle
L’Œil de poisson, éditeur www.meduse.org/oeildepoisson
Sous la plume et le regard de la commissaire Louise Déry et du sociologue et critique d'art Guy Sioui-Durand, cet ouvrage témoigne du trajet de l'artiste dans le cadre de la première édition de Parcours et débordements.
Pour l'occasion, vous pourrez vous procurer cet ouvrage pour S10.

> Cynthia Girard, Le Soleil et l’Électron
Triptyque, éditeur www.generation.net/tripty
Cynthia Girard est artiste visuelle et poète. Elle a publié 5 recueils de poésie, dont Une mort désamorcée (Écrits des forges) en 1995. Le Soleil et l ‘Électron (Triptyque, 2004) est son plus récent livre. Elle sera poète en résidence à l'émission Les Décrocheurs d'étoiles à Radio-Canada au mois de mai 2004.
Offre de lancement S10.

> Alain Paiement, THE WORLD AS I FOUND lT
Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Pratt Institute Brooklyn (NY), éditeur www.pratt.edu/ exhibitions 
Un livre d’artiste autour de l’œuvre Parages, qui a été présentée à la Pratt Manhattan Gallery (Pratt Institute Brooklyn (NY) en 2003. On a pu voir Parages à Montréal à la Galerie de l’UQÀM à l'automne 2002. Cet ouvrage est le fruit d'une collaboration conceptuelle entre Yan Lau, Alain Paiement et Patrick Pellerin. 56 pages couleur, avec multiple inséré, impression stochastique.
Offre de lancement S 20.

SOIRÉE LITTÉRAIRES (lectures en anglais) :

Robert Glück is the author of nine books of poetry and fiction. Denny Smith, a book of stories, has just been published by Clear Cut Press. Denny Smith has been nominated for a Ferro-Grumley Award for lesbian and gay fiction published in the U.S.A. and Canada, and a Bay Area Book Reviewers Award. Glück's books include two novels, Margery Kempe and Jack the Modernist, and a book of poems and short prose, Reader. Glück was an Associate Editor at Lapis Press, Director of Small Press Traffic Literary Center, and Director of The Poetry Center at San Francisco State, where he is an associate professor. His critical articles appeared in Poetics Journal, The Village Voice, The London Times Literary Supplement, Artforum International, and The Review of Contemporary Fiction, and he writes for Nest: A Quarterly of Interiors. His essay on Frank Moore, Between Life and Death, prefaces a book of Moore's paintings published by Twin Palms. Glück is an editor of Narrativity, a website on narrative theory: http://www.sfsu.edu/~newlit/narrativity/index.html

Peter Dubé is a Montréal-based writer and the author of the chapbook Vortex Faction Manifesto (Vortex Editions, 2001) and the novel Hovering World (DC Books, 2002). His fiction deploys dense verbal surfaces to investigate the narrative construction of experience, particularly at the points where imagination, desire and the body politic intersect. In addition to his fictional work, his essays and critical writings have been widely published in journals such as CV Photo and Espace Sculpture and in exhibition publications for various galleries, among them SKOL, Occurrence and Quartier Eph√©m√©re. He has been a member of the editorial board of the literary magazine Index and currently serves on the board of the Quebec Writers Federation.

Gail Scott's novel, My Paris, about a sad diarist in conversation with Gertrude Stein, Walter Benjamin, and others, in contemporary Paris, was published at Dalkey Archive Press [Normal, Ill: September, 2003]. The Canadian edition of My Paris [Torontoz Mercury, 1999] was named one of the top 10 Canadian novels of 1999 by Quill & Quire. Her story collection Spare Parts Plus Two [Torontoz Coach House] was re-issued in 2002 with new texts. Her other novels are Main Brides and Heroine. Her translation of Michael Delisle’s Le Désarroi du matelot was shortlisted for the prestigious Governor General's award in translation [2001]. She is co-editor of Narrativity, a web magazine on experimental narrative out of the Poetry Center at San Francisco State University, and was co-founder of both Tessera, a bilingual periodical of new writing by women, and Spirale, a French-language critical magazine based in Montréal. Scott is currently the invited writer at l’Université de Montréal. She is working on a new novel, Rosine, or Exemplary Afternoons, an exploration of internalizedshame, marginalisation in an increasingly homogenous urban context, a work that extends Scott's investigation into the problem of how to write at points in time, geography, where difference meets, through experimentation with syntax, narrative and writing subject position.


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