Thank you all for a successful first edition of maison modèle!!


Our home: we dreamed it, built it, house-warmed it, showed it off, and then tore it all down.
It was intense, totally satisfying, and would never have been possible without the precious collaboration and endless generosity of so many people.

First of all, our warmest thanks to Dominique Pétrin for her unique, maximalist design vision, to all the artists who contributed their work to this fundraising event, as well as to Pascal Desjardins, guest of honor on the organisational committee. Also, huge thanks go to Simone Chevalot and La Buvette chez Simone, and to Café Parvis for organizing a fabulous preview evening with delicious natural wines from Negondos provided by Agence GLOU. And our Maison was made all the more fun that evening thanks to Sophie Desmarais’ literary oracle séances. Thank you to our other partners, L. Villeneuve et cie for the building materials, Boutique Spoutnik for the beautiful objects, and every collector and art lover who came by to support this project. To finish, many thanks to the l’Atelier CLARK, and to the centre’s members who also made this project possible. 


There are still a few pieces left! 
For purchase inquiries, please contact Fanny Latreille at [email protected] 
Stay tuned for the second edition of Maison Modèle in early 2020!
Thanks again and happy spring!
Pétula (aka the team at) CLARK