Magazine HB

HB is a magazine, a gallery on paper, a platform—a dynamic space dedicated to contemporary drawing. We intend to showcase the work of a wide range of artists, from the hard-to-miss who have made their mark on the artistic landscape and continue to shape it, to marginalised artists, young artists whose practices move and promise, artists who draw in hiding, artists who, by sheer misfortune, have as yet enjoyed little exposure. structured so that each page threads together a set of visual sequences, HB is a space for exchange that gives precedence to imagery over text.

HB is an initiative by five artist-run centres (ARPRIM, articule, AXENÉO7, Centre CLARK, Galerie SAW Gallery) and a commercial gallery (Galerie Joyce Yahouda) that disseminate, promote and support contemporary practices in the visual arts.


Centre Clark


Catherine Hélie-Harvey

Scottie Wilson

Frédéric Bruly Bouarbé

Anick Langelier

Mégane Voghell

Guo Fengyi

Linda Carmella Sibio

Yuichi Saito

Victor Hacala

Davood Koochaki

PURCHASE HB 7 HERE! (postal delivery available) " Since the 1980s, the parameters of outsider art have ostensibly broadened, to include a diversity of backgrounds including socially or mentally isolated artists (prisoners, people with mental illness, and others); artists who have pursued traditional and vernacular practice; as well as artists who are simply self-taught. Several other terms are also used to define outsider art:...
From left to right: Nicolas Grenier, Luke Painter, Qavavau Manumie


Michel Boulanger

Charles-étienne Brochu

Philippe Caron Lefebvre

Tiffany Chung

Robbie Cornelissen

Sara Graham

Nicolas Grenier

Nathan Heuer

Mark Lombardi

Qavavau Manumie

Luke Painter

Simone Rochon

Padloo Samayualie

Jorinde Voigt

Line, dot, cartography, trajectory, plan, programme, system: these are some of the elements used to articulate the drawings that make up the 5th issue of HB magazine. Drawing is a construction in which flat plane is used to delve deeper into another space. It is a blueprint with its own objective: to exist outside of its image, whether real, invented or fantasy. Within certain...
From left to right: Paul P., Michael Deforge, Annie Descôteaux


Patrick Bernatchez

Catherine Bolduc

Shauna Born

Shary Boyle

Michael Deforge

Annie Descôteaux

Virginie Jourdain

Véronique Lévesque-pelletier

Paul P.

Ed Pien

Annie Pootoogook

Kananginak Pootoogook

Jean-luc Verna

Like fantasy, eroticism is an imaginary construction, the creation of intimate images depicting an activity that must usually take place behind the scenes – the “obscene,” as derived from the Latin term obscena. However, eroticism is not exclusively linked to obscenity or to fantasy. It can be pornographic in close-up or be sentimental, viewed from a hazy, removed perspective. We associate eroticism with desire,...
From left to right: Afshin Matlabi, Caroline Boileau, Jean-Michel Leclerc

HB Nº3

Afshin Matlabi

Lucas Di Pascuale

Jean-michel Leclerc

Paola Gaviria

Raimond Chaves

Gilda Mantilla

Caroline Boileau

Maria Luque

Claudia Del Río

Julie Ouellet

Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo

It is with great pleasure that we present HB Nº3. For this issue, HB’s team collaborated with Argentinian curator Pamela Desjardins to propose a dialogue between artists from Quebec and south America. In the context of this collaboration, we were particularly interested in drawings that examine the body as territory. HB Nº3 is thus a rich collection of political and intimist works that present...
From left to right: Jim Holyoak, HB, Guillaume Adjutor Provost

HB Nº 2

Sophie Jodoin

Carl Trahan

Bernard Gamoy

Hugo Gaudet-dion

Pierre Durette

Mario Doucette

Coco Riot

Mathieu Beauséjour

Fred Laforge

Guillaume Adjutor

Massimo Guerrera

Emilie Roby

Jim Holyoak

Max Wyse

Alisha Piercy

Gwenessa Lam

Above all, we’d like to thank all those who enthusiastically embraced the arrival on the scene of HB, a new magazine on drawing. The success garnered from the first issue – so warmly received from Montreal to New York and throughout several regions of Quebec and Canada – bodes well for the continuation of the project. We hereby present the second issue. Its pages...
Centre Clark

HB Nº1

Shuvinai Ashoona

Elmyna Bouchard

Josée Dubeau

Patrice Duhamel

Michelle Furlong

Kim Kielhofner

Martin Lord

François Morelli

Adrian Norvid

Marigold Santos

Matt Shane

Winnie Truong

Balint Zsako

We are proud to present the first edition of HB, a magazine, a gallery on paper, a platform – a dynamic space dedicated to contemporary drawing. Our intention is to showcase the work of key artists who have left a mark on the art world and who continue to shape it; the work of individuals who draw in private; the work of artists who...