Post Audio

Chantal Dumas


AVRIL 2010

A piano being tuned, an apartment and each of its rooms heard by way of their acoustics. A story is being written, and things happen there that one would  not  encounter elsewhere. “The Piano Tuning” speaks of attentive listening all the while making one  hear the space of the premises.

Chantal Dumas is a sound artist who explores the medium of sound through the creation of radio fictions or documentary-fictions, electroacoustic music and sound installation. She has developed a personal language thanks to which she probes various narration processes through sound. Her writing approach, which depends on a narrative movement between music, textual and sound frameworks, is structured around a focus on point of view and sound documentation – based on everyday elements from the soundscape. Listening to her work can be likened to a walk through different spaces: mental or physical, architectural and urban, natural or cultural.