Evelyne Drouin & Jeffrey Dungen, Présences périphériques

Evelyne Drouin & Jeffrey Dungen, Présences périphériques

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Evelyne Drouin (Dj Mini) & Jeffrey Dungen

Présences périphériques





Présences Périphériques is an installation that gives sonic presence to interconnected apparatuses worn by viewers within a space that is “under surveillance.” These apparatuses emit Bluetooth signals that travel through the space, are captured by a receiver and then transformed into sound and light sequences.

The anonymous emission and inventorying of this data triggers sound sequences associated with various types of equipment and their identifiers. Some of these peripheral devices have their own rhythms, emitting ‘data packets’ at regular intervals, while others produce completely random tempos, or ones that repeat at different intervals. The proximity of these devices and the relative position of the Bluetooth waves they emit alters the volume and strength of the sound and light sequences. Présences Périphériques allows us to see and hear the correlation between the transfer of data through sound and light via an installation that uses “calm technology.”1 A person’s presence becomes the instrument; a creator of rhythms through the devices that surround us. Présences Périphériques invites us to reflect on technology’s imprint and the connectivity of our movements as quantified by increasingly intelligent spaces that have the ability to track us, often without our consent.

This project was created in collaboration with the programmer Jeffrey Dungen [reelyActive].


[1] Calm technology refers to a kind of technology that provides information without demanding the user’s attention. 


Évelyne Drouin in an interdisciplinary artist whose style and approach to sound have earned her an international reputation as DJ Mini. As a sound and media artist, she has also created and directed multimedia projects. She has released two full-length albums, Audio Hygiène (2006) and Espace Temps (2012), and has collaborated with choreographer Margie Gillis, and musician Jorane. In 2013, she conceived a multimedia installation for Espace Temps, which was presented in the SATosphere at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT). More recently, she created the sound design for The Compassion Machine by the collective Ensemble Ensemble, which was presented during the public art event Km3. Évelyne Drouin has been invited to produce events, workshops and concerts in Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Jeffrey Dungen is the co-founder and CEO of reelyActive, a Montreal-based startup whose technology makes physical spaces contextually aware of their occupants by detecting the devices that people already carry. As an engineer and an entrepreneur, Jeffrey believes that technological progress for the common good is also good business. 

The artists would like to thank the Centre CLARK and Atelier CLARK team, Naoto Hieda et Roxanne Gagnon-Houle.